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Jack Mthembu

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Dramatically increase engagement and productivity through the removal of creative blocks . This keynotes show you how to access more of the brain’s natural ability to problem-solve, create and find a flow.


Make innovation a daily habit. Generate fresh solutions and ideas consistently. Transform constraints into catalysts. This keynotes and trainings teach people to trust and develop their ideas, turning contributors into innovators.


How much more impact could entrepreneurship development have on the country, if such a skill, was developed, natured and embodied in children while still in school? Jack’s keynotes and training teaches young people to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial culture.

I’m Jack M

Being born in the township of Turfloop in Limpopo of South Africa, has never been reason enough not to dream enough to influence positive change in the world.

Entrepreneurship has always been embraced in my genes, this only came to my realization in my early days of university. I learned to quickly embrace my new found hunger to explore this skill, which leads me to eventually incorporating my first business in 2014.  

I believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship as a catalyst to challenge some of the social challenges the world is faced with, and creating sustainable lives. My journey as an entrepreneur has to lead me to want to inspire, equip and develop young entrepreneurs to see challenges they are faced with as an opportunity to bring about change and derive economic benefits from their efforts. 

I am listed as one of the 100 young influencial South Africans in 2019, winner of a few entreprenneurial awards including being listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur in 2018.

What I’ve been upto

First One Adventures

My heart behind First One Adventures is to create an environment for young people to challeneg their innovative thinking and sparkle creative ways to approach problem-solving


A culture of entrepreneurship needs to be introduced to young people as early as in their early schooling. Through TEC I hope to inspire many teenagers to see the world with the lenses of bringing about solutions. We ask; if they don’t do it who is?

Lets Africa NPC

I believe in Africa and the incrediable soltions that the young people in this continent have, but have not always been give the opportunity to showcase their ideas. 

Get into my Brain

Based on my experience I have learned a unique skill set and offer several services which most companies and startups can benefit from. These include:


When building a business it is critical to know the identity of your product. By telling a story based on your key differentiators, you can instantly be light years ahead of your competition. I can help your team identify what this story is and how to position your product.


I have helped develop and optimize a process for ideation. I can work with your team to define constraints for ideation and create a plan for executing against new ideas.


Enterprise development involves the growing of small and medium-sized black businesses through the provision of finance and support, assisting in their business development and sustainability.

I asist organisation in developing and implementing solutions to earn Enterprise and Supplier Development as well as Preferential Procurement points.

Youth leadership development is a process of preparing young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve their full potential.

The future is youth and it starts now. The world is in need of more solution based thinkers, and visionaries who will draw us closer to a more sustainable world.

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A very successful prefect camp run by Jack Mthembu and his incredible team. The leadership programme was comprehensive and so well run.

Tania Leicher-botha

Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg

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